Benefits of American Board of Optometry Board Certification

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Increased clinical knowledge

While studying for the American Board of Optometry Board Certification examination, Active Candidates often comment on how much they appreciate the process.  Not only does it highlight the vast body of knowledge one has been exposed to in school and especially in practice, but the review is often put into immediate use in the daily care of patients.

Staying on the cutting edge of technology

The American Board of Optometry Board Certification examination strives to include information on new technology in eye care. This is especially helpful for doctors who graduated before this technology was available, including new instrumentation, diagnostic techniques and pharmacologic agents.

Improved patient care

By studying for the American Board of Optometry examination and maintaining certification through MOC activities, ODs increase their confidence and ability to deliver quality patient care. With patients’ eye health at stake, Diplomates find these educational requirements especially beneficial.

Increased patient confidence

Patients need to know that their doctors are doing everything possible to keep up with the latest information in their particular health care fields. These efforts usually translate to better care. When patients receive better care, they gain confidence in their providers and are more likely to remain loyal by becoming lifelong patients. They also share their experiences with others, which increases the chances of a continually growing and vibrant practice.

If you have questions regarding Board Certification benefits, please contact the American Board of Optometry.