Exam Admittance

Exam Admittance and Testing Partner Information

Candidates should expect to receive confirmation and reminder e-mails from the following Prometric address: emailconfirmations@prometric.com.  Adding this to an e-mail address book will ensure receipt of these e-mails.

Candidates should report to the assigned test center at least 30 minutes prior to the appointment time. This allows time for the registration process, which includes verifying ID, signature, emptying of pockets, metal detector wanding, photo, and fingerprint scan.

Prometric is responsible for ensuring that all candidates test under the same conditions. Test security plays a major role in ensuring that no candidate has an advantage over another.  The company is contractually responsible to the American Board of Optometry for the security of exam content.  Prometric makes a continuous effort to provide the best and fairest testing conditions possible.

Candidates must bring one form of positive identification to the test center. The ID must be a government-issued, non-expired ID, containing both a photo and signature. The ID must be a driver’s license, passport, or state or county identification card. The name on the ID must be the same as the name on the e-mail confirmation received by the candidate. Employee IDs, work badges, school IDs, and credit cards are NOT acceptable. A candidate presenting an expired ID, or one that does not match his or her name of record with the ABO, will not be admitted to the exam.  Change fee and cancellation fee rules apply.

If the candidate’s primary ID is government-issued and includes a photo but no signature, such as a military ID, he or she will be asked to provide a second ID that contains a signature. The second ID must have the candidate’s name pre-printed exactly as it appears on his or her exam reservation.

Candidates are required to have a digital photo taken at check-in, and provide a fingerprint to enter and exit the test center.

Candidates also will be scanned with a metal detector to ensure that they are not carrying prohibited items. All candidates must comply with this important security protocol to ensure testing security.

Personal items such as cellular phones, handheld computers, personal digital assistants, timepieces, other electronic devices, pagers, writing instruments, paper, purses, hats, bags, books, and notes are not allowed in the testing room.  We strongly encourage candidates to leave them at home or in the car. If a candidate takes any of these items into the examination room, even by accident, he or she risks invalidation of the entire examination.

If a sweater or jacket is needed in the exam room, it must be worn at all times. Store all other personal items in a locker at the testing center. Candidates are NOT permitted to remove any examination materials from the test center, or make written notes of the contents of the exam. Candidates violating these rules will have their tests voided, and may face additional consequences.

During an active exam, candidates may not use telephones, leave the examination center except for a scheduled break, or communicate with one another in any way.  Candidates may not discuss the content of the exam with anyone during or following the testing period. Candidates who do so will have their tests voided, and may face additional consequences.

Candidates can request erasable note boards and markers at their testing stations. These must be turned in at the conclusion of the exam. No other writing instrument or paper is permitted in the exam room.

ABO candidates may be testing with others using computer keyboards to type their answers. Keyboard noise can be minimized with ear plugs or headphones, available at the test center.