Exam Day Schedule

Prometric Test Centers schedule examinations with varying start times for a number of different organizations, so prompt arrival is important. A candidate arriving 30 minutes or more after his or her appointment time will be considered tardy and will not be admitted to the exam.

Sample schedule for 8 am exam appointment:

7:30 to 8:00 | Registration, ID verification, and seating

8:00 to 8:15 | Review of ABO rules, exam tutorial,  and instructions for General Practice section

8:15 | Begin General Practice section, 160 multiple choice questions (4 hours)

12:15 | Scheduled optional break* (1 hour)

1:15 | Introduction to and selection of  Area of Emphasis section, 60 multiple choice questions (1.5 hours)

2:45 | Brief post-exam survey (10 minutes)

2:55 | End of exam day

* Scheduled optional breaks:  Candidates may take all, part or none of the optional break time. Unused break time cannot be applied to testing time, and is forfeited if unused. If a candidate inadvertently bypasses the break period by incorrectly responding to prompts, break time is forfeited.

NOTE: All exam sections are timed. Once each section is completed, voluntarily ended, or timed out, that section cannot be accessed again.