Results and Retake Policy

Board Certification Examination Results
It takes approximately eight to ten weeks for candidates to receive their examination results via letter from the American Board of Optometry (ABO). Scores can also be accessed through MyTracker when available. Each question is analyzed to establish the percentage of candidates with the minimum level of certifiable knowledge who would answer the question correctly. This psychometric process allows us to establish the cut score for the examination.

Board Certification Re-Examination
Candidates who fail the examination will be given the opportunity to take it again. There is no limit to the number of times a qualified candidate may take the examination. A registration is valid only for the board certification examination for which you have registered. Full fees are charged for each examination.

Policy for Board Certification Examination Retakes
Occasionally, problems occur during the administration of examinations that may impede the examination process. Weather problems, mechanical failures, hardware and software problems, and human errors have the potential of interfering with some part of the examination process.

When such problems occur, the ABO will review all information at its disposal. An opportunity for re-examination may be offered should the ABO in its discretion determine that an incident or irregularity could have affected a candidate’s performance. A re-examination shall be the candidate’s sole remedy.

The ABO shall not be liable for inconvenience, expense or other damage caused by any problems in the administration or scoring of an examination, including the need for retesting or delays in score reporting. In no circumstance will the ABO reduce its standards as a means of correcting a problem in board certification examination administration.

Candidates who experience incidents or irregularities during testing must inform the ABO by letter or email within one (1) week following the examination. A detailed explanation of the circumstance or event that occurred during testing is required.

If it is determined that an incident or irregularity had the potential of influencing a candidate’s examination performance, the candidate will have two options: (1) to be retested during the next exam administration; or, (2) to have the examination scored.

If the retest option is chosen, the response data from the recently completed examination will be invalidated and expunged from the ABO records. A retest can only be taken during the next regularly scheduled exam administration.

Successful performance on the retake exam will apply to the previous exam date. Unsuccessful performance on the retake exam will be recorded as an unsuccessful attempt. Any consequences of an unsuccessful exam, including loss of certification, will apply.

Candidates who choose the option of having their board certification examination scored will receive a report of their performance and a letter indicating whether they were successful or unsuccessful.

Candidates who are unable or unwilling to be reexamined during the next regularly scheduled examination will forfeit the opportunity for a retest. Any subsequent exam will be scored and reported according to standard procedure.