Administration Parameters

Failure to Comply With Specific Test Administrator Instructions
During the testing day, candidates must comply with the directions/instructions of the test administrator. Any candidate who does not follow the instructions of the test administrator may be subject to dismissal from the testing center and/or having his or her examination invalidated.

Late Arrivals
Any candidate who arrives 30 minutes or more after his/her board certification exam appointment time will be considered tardy and will not be seated or permitted to test. Rules related to Change Fee or Cancellation Fee will apply.

Prometric-Caused Delay
If a candidate arrives at the test center on time, but begins the board certification exam later than the scheduled appointment time due to a technical issue or other Prometric-caused delay, the candidate will be given the full amount of testing time. Any candidate in this situation will be seated as quickly as possible.

Unscheduled Breaks During Testing
The American Board of Optometry (ABO) recognizes that candidates may need to take an unscheduled break from testing while the exam clock continues to run. Extended absences, multiple breaks or excessive cumulative time away from testing will be subject to scrutiny by the ABO. Additionally the policies of the building housing the testing center regarding smoking, possession of foods and beverages either in the lobby or the grounds outside the building must be obeyed.

Guideline for the Handling of Critical Irregularities During Exam Administration

An Interruption Not Controlled by the Candidate
A examination interrupted by external causes or technological problems not controlled by the candidate will be continued if at all possible. All interruptions in testing greater than one hour will be reported to the ABO by the test administrator or other designated employee. If the examination is predicted to resume within the next hour, candidates will be encouraged to remain at the testing center to complete the examination. Candidates who wish to leave will have their examination rescheduled at a mutually convenient time for the candidate, the ABO, and Prometric. Any exam section that is not completed will be replaced for any subsequent testing. (e.g. if a candidate has completed 100 of 160 questions, the entire test form will be replaced and the candidate will subsequently take a new 160 question form.) Should an interruption exceed two hours, candidates will be advised that testing for the day has terminated and the examination will be rescheduled at the earliest possible mutually convenient time for completion of the examination.

Scoring the Examination Following an Interruption
Any candidate whose board certification examination was interrupted longer than one hour for non-candidate issues, whether or not the candidate was able to finish the examination, will be contacted by the ABO prior to scoring to determine if the candidate wishes the examination to be scored. The candidate must indicate in writing that he/she wishes to have the examination scored, or the results invalidated.

If a candidate elects to proceed with scoring, their test performance result will stand as valid and consequential. If a candidate chooses to negate the examination, their results will be erased without scoring and no performance feedback will be provided. The candidate will be rescheduled at the earliest possible mutually convenient time for retesting. Candidates will not be charged for the retest experience.