Licensure Status Requirement

A Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry (ABO) shall be required to hold a currently active license to practice therapeutic optometry in a State, District of Columbia, U.S. Commonwealth or Territory. In the event a Diplomate’s license to practice in ANY jurisdiction is revoked, restricted or suspended, the Diplomate’s certificate is simultaneously rescinded at the time of the licensure revocation, restriction or suspension.

The optometrist must advise the American Board of Optometry within 60 days and cease immediately identifying himself/herself in any way directly or indirectly as a Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry. If the optometrist fails to notify the American Board of Optometry of any revocation, restriction or suspension within 60 days after the effective date, he/she shall be ineligible to seek reinstatement of Diplomate status for up to one year following the reinstatement of licensure.

Any adverse action by a state licensing agency, agreement between a licensing agency and an optometrist, or voluntary action by an optometrist, that revokes, restricts or suspends the optometrist’s license is a violation of ABO policy. In cases where an optometrist has changed his/her residence deliberately to avoid prosecution, loss of license, or disciplinary action by a state licensing agency, the ABO Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke or suspend Diplomate status and/or deny application for board certification. Questions about licensure should be presented to the Board of Directors in writing.

If and when the optometrist’s revoked, restricted or suspended license is reinstated in full (with no restrictions), official written documentation of reinstatement is provided, and the ABO was timely notified of the revocation, the ABO will honor the remainder of the current certificate and the Diplomate will not be required to be re-examined. If the current certificate has expired prior to the reinstatement of the license, the optometrist may make application for the next available examination. Successful compliance with all application requirements in effect at that time will be expected.