11.1 Maintenance of Certification


The ABO requires all Diplomates to participate in Maintenance of Certification (“MOC”), a four-part program for continuing competence and lifelong learning, based on a model developed by the American Board of Medical Specialties. MOC requirements are outlined in both the Candidate Guide and on the ABO website (www.americanboardofoptometry.org).


  1. The Maintenance of Certification program is a 10-year cycle consisting of four components:
    1. Possession of a valid therapeutic license
    2. Continuing education and Self-Assessment Modules (SAMs)
    3. Passing of a validated computer-based patient assessment and management examination
    4. Performance in Practice Modules (PPMs)
  2. The 10-year MOC cycle is divided into three 3-year stages and one re-certification year.
  3. In each stage, Diplomates must meet requirements by completing the following:
    1. Two Self-Assessment Modules
    2. One Performance in Practice Module
    3. One hundred total points from Continuing Education (“CE”) activities
  4. CE is split into Category 1 and Category 2. A minimum of fifty percent of the 100 required CE points must come from Category 1. Details regarding point values and the types of CE that qualify for each category can be found in the Requirements section of the ABO website as well as on each individual Learning Plan page when logged in through the Diplomate portal. Only CE approved by the ABO will count toward the MOC requirement.
  5. Each MOC Year begins on January 1. All Diplomates will begin their MOC in the calendar year following their exam year.
  6. The annual Maintenance of Certification fee is $195 and is payable during the first quarter.