11.2 Use of Logo and Title


The ABO logo is a registered trademark of the American Board of Optometry and may be used by Diplomates who adhere to the following guidelines. The same restrictions apply to the title of “Diplomate, American Board of Optometry”, “Board Certified, American Board of Optometry” and “Certified, American Board of Optometry.” These standards are communicated to Diplomates when they are notified of their Diplomate status and again with the delivery of their formal certificate.


  1. Title and logo can only be used by Diplomates in good standing.
  2. Cannot be abbreviated or used as an abbreviation after a Diplomate’s name as a university degree is used.
  3. Can be used only to the extent permitted by law.
  4. Cannot be used in a way that suggests the ABO approves or disapproves of a particular service, product, treatment modality or procedure.
  5. Cannot be used in a misleading or fraudulent manner, or to deceive the public.
  6. Logo is a trademark and must be used in its entirety; it cannot be distorted, merged or assimilated with any other design or trademark.
  7. Logo can be reproduced only in (1) its original color scheme; (2) all white; or (3) all black.
  8. Approved designations of the ABO Diplomate title include the following. The title is not to be used in any other way.