5.12 Establishment of a Pass/Fail Database


Authentic Testing handles all scoring, including assigning pass/fail status to each candidate based on the standard setting and cut scores determined by the ABO.  Authentic Testing forwards these scores to the ABO, who individually notifies all candidates of their score.


  1. Following the exam, Authentic Testing creates score reports for each candidate, which are placed on a secure site for the ABO to review. ABO staff contacts the candidates themselves, by a pass or fail letter and through the online portal.
  2. Through the aid of our portal vendor, currently Heuristics, the ABO maintains a candidate and Diplomate database which houses all personal information and limited exam information, including exam date and pass/fail status but not exam scores. The ABO updates this database with new data following each exam.
  3. New Diplomates are mailed an ABO Certificate, a Diplomate pin, Maintenance of Certification requirements and other relevant informational literature.