7.2 Board Meeting Agenda


The Chair of the Board and the Executive Director collaborate on a written agenda that includes all discussion topics for the meeting. Directors are required to review the agenda and prepare for the meeting.


  1. Drafted by the Executive Director, the agenda includes all topics for discussion and must receive approval from the Chair before it is sent to Directors.
  2. If a committee has literature to discuss at the meeting, it must be submitted to Directors no less than 72 hours prior to the meeting.
  3. Directors are responsible for preparing themselves by reading the agenda and other accompanying literature prior to the annual meeting.
  4. The agenda shall be generally outlined as follows:
    1. Welcoming statements and call to order
    2. Review and approval of previous meetings’ minutes
    3. Election of new Directors and renewal of existing Directors
    4. Election of officers
    5. Report of the Chair
    6. Report of the Executive Director
    7. Report of the Treasurer
    8. Committee reports
    9. Old business and recurring discussion topics
    10. New business
    11. Annual calendar
    12. Good and welfare news
    13. Closing statements and adjournment