8.1 Exam Development Confidentiality Agreement


The American Board of Optometry (“ABO”), a 501 (c) (6) Missouri nonprofit organization requires all Board, staff and test development volunteers to keep all exam details, including items, scores and other relevant information, confidential to protect the integrity of the exam.

The ABO is responsible for its organization’s confidential information and that of its applicants, candidates and Diplomates. Directors, staff and volunteers of the ABO must agree to protect this information and therefore the integrity of the organization.

The term “Confidential Information” means information, not generally known, acquired by the ABO and/or which may be acquired by the employee and/or the ABO during the period of the employee’s employment by ABO, relating to products (whether existing or under development), the business activities of the ABO, technology, its services or its products.

Confidential Information includes personal and proprietary information of applicants, candidates and Diplomates. It also includes their contact information, identity information, financial accounts, exam scores, ABO portal passwords and other confidential information not included in this document. When handling this sensitive information, great care should be taken to keep it protected. Confidential Information should never be given over the phone. Information is only released after receiving a written permission from the subject of the information.  ABO staff is responsible for this release of personal information and should therefore take great care to keep it confidential. All persons with access to online and database software must log out when stepping away from their desk or leaving for the day. All files with personal and/or financial information should also be locked when not in use.

Financial information regarding the ABO is also considered confidential and should not be shared with anyone outside the organization. This includes details of bills, contracts, accounts and other sensitive ABO proprietary information.

This policy should not be utilized as the only reference for confidentiality concerns. An ABO senior staff member or the Executive Director should be consulted regarding any questions about this confidentiality policy or how to correctly protect sensitive information.


  1. Prior to participating in any test development activities or discussions, Directors, staff and test development volunteers sign the Confidentiality Agreement, which outlines prohibited activities related to test development.
  2. Directors, staff and volunteers involved in test development may not leave with materials from item writing/item review workshops or sessions. No documents from these events may be copied or recorded.
  3. All discussions regarding test development, including item writing and item reviewing, must be kept confidential and not shared with anyone outside of the ABO.
  4. If any of the above procedures are broken or if a Director, staff member or volunteer does not protect the confidentiality of the Board Certification exam, said person may be relieved of all ABO responsibilities immediately.