9.2 Purpose of the Judicial and Ethics Review


The ABO Board, through a Judicial and Ethics Review, is responsible for examining situations in which Board Certification has been falsified or misrepresented, judging these situations and then deciding upon appropriate disciplinary measures. These incidents include falsifying Board Certification, forging educational documents during the application or maintenance process, the misuse of the ABO logo and credentialing terms, criminal behavior by a Diplomate and more. The Judicial and Ethics Review will also address all complaints regarding the Board Certification exam.  The Board works closely with Prometric to resolve all exam-related issues.


  1. A Judicial and Ethics Committee Review may be convened either by phone conference or in a physical meeting.
  2. All complaints or tips regarding the falsifying of documents must be made in writing, with a full name and contact information provided. This information is utilized to acquire additional information regarding the case and will not be made public. In the occurrence that credible evidence is presented, the committee does not need someone to make a complaint before taking action.
  3. After receiving either a written complaint or sufficient evidence, the Board may appoint a team to investigate, then report its findings to the entire Board of Directors.
  4. The ABO depends on optometry professionals, Diplomates, candidates, Directors, staff and others to inform the ABO of any potential incidents.